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Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Grinder

Short Description

When you serve coffee in your business, it is always a struggle for you to ensure that each cup will meet the standards which you have set. One of the keys in achieving that is to make sure you are using the right grinder. The Nuova Simonelli Mythos One Grinder is a professional equipment which will not be out of place in your business.

Product Description


  • The Mythos One is the first on-demand grinder from Nuova Simonelli which comes with the Clima Pro technology. This technology controls the temperature in the milling chamber which helps in ensuring a constant dose and an overall better quality of extraction.

  • It comes with the Stop and Go barista mode which makes using it an easy thing, a crucial quality in a very busy commercial environment.

  • The Mythos One is equipped with an LCD multilingual display which makes it easy for the user to monitor what’s going on with the unit.

  • With micrometric grinding regulation, you can find the right setting for the kind of coffee that you want to serve with ease.

  • The unit is equipped with long-lasting burrs which are very durable and powerful.

  • The Mythos One also has a portafilter hook which allows its operation to be hands-free.

  • It has a low profile which makes it ideal for use in places where the space is limited.

  • For safety and to ensure that the unit will last long, it is equipped with a cooling system to help prevent overheating.

  • The unit comes with a transparent hopper with 1.3 kg capacity and a clump crusher which takes out the need to purge and also reduce waste.

  • Is noise a problem in your establishment? The Mythos One is a silent machine which will not add to that issue.

With the Mythos One, you will have one of the professional grinders in your kitchen. It should be able to meet all of your grinding needs and then some.

About Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli was founded in 1936 in Italy and since then, it has  become a leading name in espresso machines in the world. Through the decades, the company has continued to come up with innovations, such as the introduction of electronics in the espresso machines. Today, Nuova Simonelli has a wide array of products that are aimed at meeting the needs of food establishments all over the world.

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