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Stoelting E111‐38‐I Single Flavor Soft Serve/Yogurt Freezer

Short Description

  • Single Flavor, Counter-top Model, Gravity, Soft Serve/Yogurt Freezer.
  • IntelliTec control communicates with operator for worry-free operation
  • Proprietary auger design gently folds mix and prevents product breakdown, producing a smoother, creamier product
  • Clear door shows visible moving product for merchandising appeal

Product Description

More Info About Product

Are you looking for a high-quality soft-serve freezer that you can use in your establishment? Then you should check out the Stoelting E111‐38‐I. These are the features of this product:

  • The  E111‐38‐I has a precision controlled refrigeration system which can deliver consistency on all servings.

  • A compact countertop unit which can easily handle peak demands.

  • This product is designed to last for years.

  • The  E111‐38‐I has a proprietary auger design which gently mixes and prevents product breakdown.

  • The clear door of the unit shows the moving product inside which increases its appeal.

  • The unit uses a self-closing spigot which helps to eliminate waste.

  • Has an adjustable dispense rate for the ideal product output.

  • The use of long-wearing parts ensures lower preventative maintenance costs over time.

  • The unit comes equipped with IntelliTec control which communicates with the user for hassle-free operation.

  • It has an Energy Conservation Mode (ECM) which protects the product from over-agitation during slow periods.

  • The  E111‐38‐I is designed for easy cleaning.

  • Product dimensions: 385 mm x 903 mm x 735 mm

Get the Stoelting E111‐38‐I and watch your sales go up.


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