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You will Need
  • Requires 220V British Inlet
  • Water Inlet should be 20L bottled water Clean/drinking water (TDS <100PPM)
  • Water drainage (Empty 20L water bottle)

The Ultimate Coffee Bundle

This Ultimate Coffee Bundle Consists of the powerful:

  • Qava Compact Volumetric 2 Group (Made in Italy)
  • Nuova Simonelli MDX On-Demand Coffee Grinder

This Bundle is great for Coffee Trucks, Small/Medium Cafes, and Offices.

The included coffee grinder could be either of the following based on availability:
1. Nuova Simonelli MDX OnDemand
2. Nuova Simonelli MDX
3. Rocket Mini Mazzer

Product Description


“Perfect extraction – any time, any place”


The compact design like appia – The Qava Compact Volumetric 2 Group is ideal for locations with limited space. It can be used in coffee shops, restaurants, and coffee corners.

Soft Infusion System – The Qava Machine also boasts of superior extraction results because of the Soft Infusion System (SIS).

Performance under control – Although small in size, the unit cannot be left behind when it comes to performance, especially with the easy to use push-pull control that comes with the steam wands that makes steaming a breeze.



  • This compact espresso maker has a boiler capacity of 7.5 Liters.
  • It is equipped with a pressure gauge and a safety valve.
  • It comes with 2 groupheads, both of which are thermo-compensated.
  • The groupheads are also raised which means that the user can place larger cups directly under.
  • The unit also has a direct water line connection. This means there is no risk of damaging the motor because of an empty tank.
  • Product dimensions: 550 mm x 545 mm 530 mm


It’s also worth mentioning that this equipment is made for Qava by Nuova Simonelli, which is a leading manufacturer of espresso machines in the world.

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