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  • 380V/3 phase

Winston PF46 Collectramatic Pressure/Open Fryer

Short Description

  • Computerized processor control with eight programmable channels
  • A capacity of 4 Head of chicken 6.35 kg
  • Can perform 20-30 cook cycles without filtration.
  • the largest cold zone in the industry which extends oil life and reduces filtering downtime.
  • Can cook up to 6 kg of fried chicken in as little as ten minutes
  • Quarter Rack basket system improves labor efficiencies
  • Built to last

More Info About Product

Having precise control on the cooking of the food which you will be serving in your business is very important. That would allow you to maintain your food standards all the time. Your customers are going to expect the same quality of food from you, so you have to get the right equipment which will give you that kind of control. That’s what you can expect from the PF46C-380 Collectramatic® Pressure/Open Fryer from Winston. Here are some of the features of this fryer:

  • The  PF46C-380 can be used for frying various food products without the risk of flavor transfer which can be a huge headache.

  • The solid state controls of the unit can deliver a total of eight programmable channels which can be used for storing time and temperature settings so cooking top menu items would be faster.

  • With its small footprint, space is not going to be an issue with the PF46C-380. Even if you have a limited working area, it will still be a good fit.

  • The aqualert water detection software of the unit prevents water from being boiled inside the unit.

  • The cylindrical shape of the cooking vessel ensures that it will have an even heat distribution. This helps in ensuring the quality of the food which you will be serving.

  • The unit’s deep cold zone and the Filterfry feature can help in extending the life of the shortening used in the unit. You can cook up to 20 cycles in the unit without having to stop to conduct mechanical filtration.

  • The unit is very sturdy and is built for easy cleaning and maintenance.

If you’re on the lookout for a precise and powerful fryer, then the PF46C-380 Collectramatic®

from Winston is going to be an excellent choice. With all the features listed here, it’s going to be a huge asset for your company.

Data Sheet
Electricity 380V/3 phase
Oil Capacity (liter) 30
Fryer Control Computer
Frequency (Hz) 50 60

About Winston

Winston Shelton left his job at GE in order to pursue his entrepreneurial spirit. The company he founded, Winston Industries, became what it is today because of its work on coming up with fryer designed for one of the biggest fast food chains in America.The company has applied the inventive and innovative spirit of its founder since then. It has created products that are well regarded and considered by many to be the best.

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