Ekuep Rental accepts credit cards, Visa, Mastercard only. Debit Cards and cash payments are not accepted.


You have to pay a refundable security deposit. This amount will be applied towards additional rent or any amounts owed for damages. We will return any unused portion of the deposit to you within 15 days.


Order confirmation shall be sent to your email address. If for any reason beyond our reasonable control, we are unable to supply a particular item, we will not be liable to you. However, we will try to offer a substitute product unless you request us not to do so.


  1. Upon Order Confirmation, Ekuep’s customer service will call you to schedule the delivery.
  2. Please make sure you are present at the venue prior to delivery.
  3. Please ensure the venue is ready prior to delivery as per the “Minimum site requirements” for the equipment you have rented. You can find the list here. If in case the venue isn’t ready, please notify us in advance. Or else, Ekuep shall charge an extra delivery cost if second delivery attempt is required. .
  4. Please ensure the entry of delivery vehicle inside the premises where the delivery location is situated. In case you do not have access to a lift, please notify us beforehand to organize extra labor to carry the products via stairs.
  5. A quality control document will be created by ekuep’s personnel to note aesthetic and functional status of the product.


Please do not attempt uninstallation of the product; Ekuep’s personnel will carry it out. They will inspect the aesthetic and functional status of the machine, and note it in the quality control document. The customer will have to sign the quality control document as part of the pick-up procedures.


The Customer hereby agrees that any damage caused to the Product, shall be liable towards repair and replacement cost of the Product. Damage shall be defined as follows:

  1. Minor scratches will be ignored;
  2. Any damages ascertained by tech will be charged and would have to be borne by the customer;
  3. In the event, the Product is stolen, lost or damaged beyond repair, the Customer shall be liable to pay ekuep the market price of the Product;
  4. In the event, it is found that in any Product, any substandard/incompatible utilities are used, or repair carried out by any person not authorized by ekuep, then a penalty may be levied as per ekuep’s policy;

In case of damage to product, damage claim report shall be sent to the Customer. Ekuep shall deduct the charges for the damages from the Security Deposit. In case the charges for the damages are more than the value of the security deposit, the customer is liable to pay the difference in the value of damage charges and security deposit.


Ekuep shall provide maintenance of the product delivered to the Customer, for the entire duration of rent. Any additional cost incurred by ekuep during maintenance due to damages shall be borne solely and paid by the customer.


The acceptance of this Agreement also signifies the acceptance of the Customer, to the detailed terms and conditions on the ekuep  website (including privacy policy).


Ekuep reserves the right to cancel the orders completely or partially without prior information & in such scenarios the complete deposit amount paid will be refunded within 15 working days.

For detailed terms, please click here.