Blendtec EZ 600 Commercial Blender

  • Recommended daily blends: 60+
  • Comes with 1 Four Side Jar
  • Program cycles: Small, Medium, Large + Pulse
  • Profiles: Smoothies, Coffee, Milkshake
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Product Description

Built to save time and money

The Blendtec EZ 600 Commercial Blender retains many of the qualities that made Blendtec the leading commercial blender brand. It is ideal for establishments that offer a limited set of drinks to their customers.Users can expect the same kind of quality features that people have come to expect from Blendtec with the EZ 600.  Some of those features include:

  • One Touch Controls – The Blendtec EZ 600 features three presets for Large, Medium, and Small sized drinks and these presets can be accessed through one touch controls. Each preset also shuts off automatically.
  • Programmable Profiles – With the programmable profile feature of the EZ 600, you can set the blender to make smoothies, milkshakes, and other beverages with consistency. Each beverage that it produces will have the quality that you desire.
  • Ultra-High-Speed Motor – The most crucial part of any blender, especially one meant for commercial use, would be the motor. The ultra-high-speed motor of the EZ 600, which can produce a maximum peak output of 3.0 HP, ensures that it is powerful enough to deal with the toughest ingredients that you can come up with for your beverages.
  • Four Side Jar – The four sided jar used in the EZ 600 provides a more powerful blending vortex to ensure that all the ingredients of the beverage are really well-mixed. The jar is also BPA-free.
  • High-Volume Usage – The blender is supposed to handle 60+ daily blends. Pretty good for an establishment that handles low volume of order for beverages.
  • Certification – The  EZ 600 conforms to the sanitation standards set by the CSA.



Though your business may not serve a large volume of beverage to customers, that does not mean that you should settle for a cheap blender. Using a cheap blender would have a negative effect on the overall quality of what you will be serving. Here are some of the benefits that you can get with a high-end blender like Blendtec EZ 600:

Consistency – The EZ 600 is programmable to match the profile of the beverages that will be prepared using it. These drinks include milkshakes, smoothies, coffee beverages.

Anyone Can Use It – Because of the well-designed interface including the LCD display and push-button controls, it is easy for anyone to use the blender.

Saves Power, Time, and Money – With a motor that delivers 3.0 peak HP, easy to use interface, and programmable profiles the Blendtec EZ 600 can save power, time, and money all at the same time.

Safe and Healthy to Use – The four side jar of the blender that produces a powerful blending vortex is made from BPA-free material. The Blendtec EZ 600 is also certified to conform to the sanitation standards set by the NSF.