IceTech SS 45 Self Contained Ice Cube Machine 42 kg

  • Ice Cube: Medium
  • Condensation System: Air
  • Production Kg. / Day: 42
  • Storage Kg: 15
  • Maximum Power Input W: 450
  • Made in Spain
  • Produces ice cubes that melt slowly,  Ideal to be used with drinks
  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel external high-quality finishing with integrated door improves hygiene
  • Designed to minimize friction and to ensure maximum surface tension for reduced sound levels
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More Info About Product

IceTech SS 45
Produce medium or large slow-melting ice cubes with the SS 45 Self-Contained Ice Machine from IceTech. Specially designed for use in the busy service environment of the hospitality industry, this ice machine is sure to help you provide cool, refreshing drinks to your customers. Gourmet full ice cube produced through the SS 45 is the most desired ice cube either for professional or consumer use. Ideal to be used with soft drinks and spirits, as these ice cubes melt very slowly, allowing customers to enjoy cooled drinks longer.
With a daily production capacity of 42 kilograms and a storage capacity of 15 kilograms, this ice machine is perfect for pubs, restaurants, cafes, bars, and more. With a high-quality external finish made of AISI 304 stainless steel, this unit is designed to minimize friction and ensure that there is maximum surface tension for reduced sound levels. It also comes with an integrated door, which can help you guarantee that each ice cube produced and stored in this machine and clean and pristine.

The SS 45 is designed with a special flexible spray nozzle patented and designed by IceTech to prevent the calcareous buildup. The unit comes with electromechanical controls and it is timer and thermostat-operated. Just like every machine designed by IceTechm SS 45 is designed to be simple, easy to understand and service. You are sure to get a highly reliable machine with low costing spare parts, in case there is a need to replace them.
It uses refrigerant R404 and to provide outstanding insulation, the machine has HCFC-free foam injected polyurethane, which helps preserve the consistency and the quality of the ice produced and stored longer than any other machine.