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Terms and Conditions

The terms of the rental agreement are as follows:

Tenure of Contract

  • The term begins and ends as per the dates chosen by the renter. If the Equipment is not returned by the date the term ends, the rental term shall extend daily and at a daily prorated charge calculated using the rental charge for the initial term, unless terminated by either party.
  • The renter agrees to provide an environment that meets the requirements for proper operation of the equipment.
  • On the last day of the term, Supplier will arrange for de-installation and/or pick-up of the Equipment.
  • The Equipment shall be returned to Supplier in good condition and working order, ordinary wear and tear excepted, as it was at the commencement of the Agreement.

Payment policy

  • Payment will be done in full a day before the rental period begins
  • the rental charge for the first month of the rental period, or if the rental period is for less than one month, the rental charge from the Start Date to the End Date;
  • Installation charges if applicable

If the payment specified above is not timely paid, Supplier will be under no obligation to ship or install the Equipment.

  • Unless the Rental does not permit an automatic renewal, the term will automatically renew for a daily term and at a daily prorated charge based on the rental charge for the initial term until the Equipment is returned. Payment during any renewal term shall be made as provided in this Section.
  • If Renter fails to return the Equipment at the end of the applicable rental term, Renter agrees to pay all rental charges set forth in this Section until the Equipment is returned.
  • All payments hereunder shall be paid by providing credit card information of Renter to EKUEP.COM, Inc. (“EKUEP.COM”). The customer hereby authorizes EKUEP.COM to charge Renter’s credit card for all charges due under the terms of this Agreement.
  • Credit Card information will be saved by our Secure Payment Gateway provider.

Delivery policy

  • After the order has been placed, our customer service will call to schedule the delivery within 3 days after placing the order.
  • The Renter whose ID/Iqama copy has been uploaded into the website; must be present with his original id. Else the delivery will not take place.
  • Our representative will have for you the Terms and Conditions which must be signed as well as the promissory note that must be signed as well before delivery takes place.
  • You will be required to inspect the equipment and note down any issues with the equipment and note it in the signoff slip that our representative will provide
  • Photos will be taken as by our representative as well
  • In case you do not have a lift or permission to use the lift at your premises, please let us know before hand to organize extra labour to carry the products via stairs.There are no extra costs attached.

Pick-up policy

  • Technicians will arrive on the scheduled end date of the rental term.
  • Before pickup, techs will inspect the equipment and note down any damages.

Damage policy

  • The renter agrees to pay for any damage to, loss of, or any theft (disappearance) of items, regardless of cause or fault.Item damaged beyond repair will be paid for at its Market Price.
  • The tech shall check all equipment in order to ascertain any damage to the items.
  • Damage shall be defined as follows:
  • Minor scratches (below 1 mm in width and depth, and 2 cm in length) will be ignored as they are considered ‘normal wear and tear’.
  • Any damage which is a result of raw material or manufacturing defects will not be chargeable to the renter.
  • Any damage that results in the product being unusable will result in the value of the product being charged to the renter.
  • The extent of damage will be ascertained by comparing against the quality control document signed by the renter and the photographs taken on delivery and return pickup day.
  • Any variation showing damages, if ascertained as not caused by normal wear and tear, will be charged and would have to be borne by the renter.
  • A QC report stating the damages if any or a clean chit will be created on the spot (during return pick up) and a copy of the same will be handed over to the renter within 48 hours of pick-up of the products.

Maintenance policy

  • Maintenance of equipment will be taken care of by EKUEP.COM for the entire tenure of the contract. This does not cover damages or breakdowns due to mishandling.
  • Such issues will be addressed & resolved within 1 week after notifying our Customer Support team. In case the issue is not resolved within 1 week, the renter will not be liable to pay rent for the down time period.