Zumex Minex Orange Citrus Juicer

• 13 oranges per minute with a storage capacity of 6-7 fruits
• Digital display feeds back information
• Prevents bitter peel oils transferring to juice
• Anti-bacterial silver polymer technology



Product Description


Are you looking for an electric citrus juicer to help you produce more ounces of juices quickly? Use Zumex Minex Orange Citrus Juicer to make your job easy. Below are some of its features.

  • This electric citrus juicer can process 13 fruits like your oranges in 60 seconds. It has a feeder capacity of six to seven fruits.

  • This small, compact, and sleek equipment have digital display feed information used for alerts and functions.

  • Prevent the bitter peel oils when making juices with this electric juicer.

  • It can process fruits that have 65 mm to 80 mm in size.

  • It uses an anti-bacterial silver polymer technology to preserve the juice’s freshness.

  • This unit is easy to assemble with removable parts for easy cleaning.

  • It has auto disconnect switches as safety buttons.

  • It weighs 21.5 kg and powered by 240 V with 10 amps plug.

Make juicing quick and easy with this Zumex Minex Orange Citrus Juicer. It is a good investment for your growing juice business.